Elementary Classroom

The Fishbowl

Our class follows a workshop model consisting of literacy, math, science and social science workshops. During the workshops students work independently, in small groups and in whole groups. Through this model students build independence, confidence, perseverance, self advocacy and social awareness. Students are encouraged to think critically, analytically and creatively. Opportunities to build their social awareness and appropriate social boundaries are learned through cooperative play and team building activities. The adult to child ratio is high and can fully support the whole child academically, emotionally and behaviorally.

Here are some of the student’s thoughts about the classroom:

BC- “There aren’t a lot of kids in the class. It is small and this makes it not so loud. I can concentrate.”

EH - “The teachers help me calm down when I am REALLY angry. I have learned to breathe. They can tell me to take a break or I can take a break on my own. I am not in trouble if I need a break. It is just what I need. This helps me.”

AS -”I have learned to ask for help. I can ask for what I need and that is good.”

AG - “I can feel angry. I can feel really, really angry. I am learning that that is okay. I am learning that I can’t control my feelings. I can control what I do when I am angry. I can breath and take breaks. Also, I have friends that help me be better. I can always spend time with them.”

Classroom Teacher