residential house

Community House offers a structured stabilization and assessment program to assist children, ages 5-12, who are in need of short-term residential treatment services. Children are referred by the Vermont Division of Family Services, Vermont Department of Mental Health, and the Vermont Agency of Education. The general length of stay for a child in residence is 90-120 days. Our program is licensed by Vermont DCF.

Community House provides a safe, secure, therapeutic environment which focuses on the behavioral, education, and diagnostic/evaluative needs of children. Our goal is to provide stabilization, assessment, and effective transitional planning/placement assistance.

Our Service Components include:

  • 24 hours/day 365 days/year therapeutic living environment
  • Individualized assessment of the needs of each child
  • Assessments/Evaluations arranged: Educational, Psychological, Psychiatric, Behavioral, and Medical
  • A Structured Behavior Management System
  • Individual counseling and therapeutic groups
  • A licensed General and Special Education approved Independent School for grades K-8
  • Recreational activities